August 25, 2011

#FredCouples fellates #TigerWoods

What else can you say, after Fred Couples, U.S. captain for the Presidents' Cup U.S. vs. non-Europe golf showdown, first said Tiger Woods would have to play at least one PGA tournament to be a sure captain's pick for the squad, and then picked him anyway?
"I don't know how you can criticize someone for choosing Tiger Woods. If he goes there and doesn't play well I would be shocked. I have a pairing for him. He deserves to be on the team," Couples said.
Well, it's easy to criticize you, Fred. He's only ranked No. 36 in the world. He hasn't made a cut in a tournament with a cut line since the Masters. He's rusty as hell. His putting has ... in not yips, then difficulties.

But, Freddo looks at the Masters and blinds himself to what happened since:
“Is he playing well right now? No. (But) he almost won (The Masters) four months ago so you don’t do that by playing poor golf,” Couples said. “In my opinion, when you’re the best player in the world for 12 straight years and you’re not on a team, there’s something wrong.
Again, Freddo ... what's he done since the Masters? Played, when he has played, like he's not even a top-50 golfer, which he isn't. And, he isn't the No. 1 golfer now, even if he was a year ago.

Oh, and it's not just me. ESPN's Farrell Evans is saying the same things about Couples' idiocy.

That said, I'd love for Vijay Singh's caddie to be wearing his "Tiger Who?" hat again.

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