August 25, 2011

Is Huntsman planning a third-party run?

Beyond saying he believes anthropogenic climate change is real and that he supports civil unions for gays, former Utah governor and current GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman now says he wants the rich to sacrifice.

At the same time, he insists, with a straight face, he can win the GOP nomination.

And, when a lifelong Dem does an ad buy for you, you're clearly seen as spoiler material.

That all said, Ross Douthat says we shouldn't believe all the "moderate Huntsman" spiel. And, the American Conservative article to which he Douthat links says and shows that, outside of civil unions, Huntsman holds few socially moderate positions.

That said, the likes of Teapot Tommy Friedman have been touting a "centrist" third party, Americans Elect.

Huntsman could be their ideal candidate.

Would he do it? I don't know enough about Huntsman to answer that for sure, but I could certainly see it as a possibility. He's got plenty of DC Villager/NYC Annexer touters already. But, given the above, while it's a possibility, it's well, well below 50 percent likely in my book.

That then said, if we had, say a Perry-Huntsman-Obama race, plus Libertarian and Green candidates, who wins? And, how many more dirty tricks than normal do both Dems and GOP direct at the Green candidate, or even more, if he enters, "ego" candidate Ralph Nader?

(Or place a "generic" candidate on the Americans Elect ballot.)


Donna Miller said...

Yep, that evil Ralph Nader! He's singlehandedly responsible for Gore losing* and everything bad that Bush did! He practically invented ego in politics!

But seriously, I would love to see Americans Elect field a viable candidate. It could break the two-party system wide open. I can just see the look on the faces of the people in charge of the Commission on Presidential Debates when the Americans Elect candidate is polling over 15% and they have no excuse to keep him or her out of the debates.

*Gore won Florida when it's time to bash Bush, and Bush won Florida when it's time to bash Nader. It's kind of like Schrodinger's Cat.

Gadfly said...

Of course, Donna, the truth of the matter is that the Democratic Party is America's centrist party.

Americans Elect would be a center-right party between it and the truly rightist GOP.

Donna Miller said...

Gadfly, my ideal would be for Obama, Huntsman, and Bachmann split the right to center vote and the Greens win everyone else!