August 27, 2011

Mike Mukasey loves bribery, especially #BigOil bribery

And, I'm guessing, the former BushCo attorney general especially likes bribery by Big Oil ... including the Halliburton that Dick Cheney used to run.

Mukasey says the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is too harsh and needs to be modified.

The Big Oil connection? It comes from this comment by the now-lobbyist Mukasey:
“The law itself has a couple of problems with it,” Mukasey told POLITICO. He said the business community mainly wants the wording clarified. “In some countries, enterprises are state-owned, so everybody’s a foreign official. You take somebody out to dinner that’s intended to get you a competitive benefit and, boom: You get an investigation.”
What's one place where enterprises are regularly state-owned? OPEC member nations. Nigeria, to be specific, is a hotbed of oil-based bribery.

Now, it COULD for other reasons. But, given that Debevoise & Plimpton also practices in the UK, and Shell has been alleged to have engaged in bribery, there's a bit more circumstantial evidence there.

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