SocraticGadfly: I am getting soooo tired of the Big Three

November 19, 2008

I am getting soooo tired of the Big Three

Their latest offense in begging at the bailout hog trough? Claiming their survival is essential to national security:
Chrysler's chief executive, Robert Nardelli, told the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday that a crippled auto industry "would undermine our nation's ability to respond to military challenges and would threaten our national security.”

Well, if our national security really is dependent on the Big Three, we’re already up shit creek. Besides that, it’s simply not true.

As far as “not punishing them for past mistakes,” many of Detroit’s mistakes are current ones.

1. As we speak, GM still has money on the books for hydrogen car research, after a decade of using a hydrogen car as greenwash and an excuse to do real environmentalism;
2. Ford has a 65mpg diesel hybrid it was unveiling at auto shows two years ago. Why isn’t it on an assembly line as we speak?

No, we don’t want to reward tem for continuing to not just make “mistakes,” but be willfully oppositional in the cars they build.

And, if the formerly Big Three wants to localize “Armageddon,” let’s localize the gasoline dollars lost, the carbon added, etc. in local communities through not building better cars.

And, you know? If y’all hadn’t blown $50 mil in nine months on lobbying, you might not be at the hog trough right now anybway.

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