SocraticGadfly: What Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder may be hiding about Marc Rich

November 22, 2008

What Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder may be hiding about Marc Rich

Forget the MSLBs, and mainstream liberal magazines, too.

You have to go to Counterpunch for all the juicy details about fugitive financier Marc Rich, and some of the details on how Obama's Attorney General nominee, Eric Holder, and Secretary of State nominee, Hillary Clinton, helped him get his pardon.

The connection starts with Holder suggesting that Rich hire Jack Quinn as his attorney; friends of Hillary's spread much of the final icing over Bill's missing conscience to push his pardon pen over the top.

Read the full story for more.

Even from St. Clair, it's unclear, beyond recommending Jack Quinn, how much heavy lifting Holder did. After all, by the time Rich became linked to some controversial arms deals as well, most of Clinton's staff was strongly against giving him a pardon.

It's somewhat more clear how much Hillary Clinton was involved, as far as friends of hers serving as go-between beggars from Quinn to the Slickster.

Unfortunately, your local Democratic Senator probably won't be asking about this. With either one of them. And, since Rich may still be peddling arms somewhere, and looking at the level of involvement, it's actually Clinton, not Holder, who probably deserves more grilling on this issue.

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