SocraticGadfly: Cedar Hill-Southlake Carroll football playoff liveblogging

November 22, 2008

Cedar Hill-Southlake Carroll football playoff liveblogging

Read all about this game and other Cedar Hill sports at Cedar Hill Today.

Cedar Hill fans, looking ahead to next week - It's Mansfield as the next opponent, at Texas Stadium again. The Longhorns will have the early game Saturday; time to be announced.

And, high school football fans in general, drop back by.

0:50 4Q - Icing on the cake. Eduardo Camara hits a 29-yard FG.

2:52 4Q - SLC scores, on a pass in which quarterback Piland looked like he was past the line of scrimmage when he threw it. 28-18, and SLC has to convert an onside kick... and fails.

6:22 4Q - Game very over! CH's Chandler Williams intercepts Southlake's Piland.

6;41 4Q - Game over! Malena scores again for Cedar Hill, from 2 yards out. 28-10. Southlake has shown me nothing in the second half to indicate it can come back from three scores down.

10:58 4Q - Laquan Harper 25 TD pass from Driphus Jackson. CH 21-10, as the second half is looking almost all CH so far.

2:50 3Q - Malean from 2 yard out... CH 14-10.

4:42 3Q - FUMBLE! SLC QB Piland hit by Aaron Benson while trying to pass. CH at SLC 15.

6:02 3Q - CH marches 34 yards after a 63-yard kickoff return, with Ben Malena scoring from 9 yards out. Longhorns break the ice and we're at 10-7, Southlake.

9:36 3Q SLC marches 7 plays but stalls out in the red zone. Cade Foster hits a 21 yard FG.

Halftime analysis: The scoreboard may not favor Cedar Hill, but the rest of the halftime statistics do.

For example, Ben Malena has more yards rushing than Southlake has in total offense.

Can Southlake's defense continue to hold up, bending but not breaking?


I didn't think we would have this low-scoring of a game, but we do. Both offenses have been feeling each other out. Add in the story line that Cedar Hill's defensive coordinator came to the Longhorns at the start of this season from ... Southlake Carroll, and we may continue to have a tight game in the second half.

1:15 2Q - Eduardo Camara hooks a 45-yard FG wide right, after SLC calls a time out to ice him.

7:02 2Q - Southlake scores First! Ryan Walker hauls in a 21 yard TD pass.

First quarter ends, no score. SLC gets a good punt and CH starts at its own 7.

0:55 1Q - LOnghorns go for it on 4th/4 at SLC 38, fails, in first big play of game.

3:30 1Q - CH has the ball back after a 3/out on its second series, followed by a SLC 6/out.

Longhorns 5/out first series. Camarea is punting as well as placekicking for Cedar Hill again. SLC then goes 6/out on its first series.

OK, we're just about to start here. Carroll won the toss and has deferred, so Cedar Hill gets the ball to start the game. People reading this blog and unfamiliar with Cedar Hill can check my liveblogging of the Horns' playoff game last week and a couple of regular season games.

Twenty minutes before gametime here in Texas Stadium.

Although there could be a lot of scoring, this is going to be a game that hinges on defenses. Can Southlake find the toughness to stop Cedar Hill's running game? Can Cedar Hill have its young secondary stay disciplined enough to stop Carroll's passing game?

Both teams look to get back to state title glory of 2006 in a rematch of last year's area round playoff game in Class 5A Division II.

As for the team support, it looks like Southlake's fans have "traveled" a little bit better than Cedar Hill's.

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