SocraticGadfly: Rather canned to satisfy Rove!

November 17, 2008

Rather canned to satisfy Rove!

You gotta love the discovery process in lawsuits. And, Dan Rather’s wrongful firing lawsuit against CBS is turning up exactly that — the Eye canned Dan the Man to pander to the GOP.

Andrew Heyward, the former president of CBS News, was asked in a sworn deposition about the composition of a special panel CBS named in 2004 to look into the veracity of letters claiming Bush dodged the draft. And, Heyward acknowledged that he had wanted at least one member to sit well with conservatives:
“CBS News, fairly or unfairly, had a reputation for liberal bias, the harshest scrutiny was obviously going to come from the right.”

And, while Rather has yet to find the fingerprints of Rove in particular, they’re there.

By the time we get to the actual open court, Heyward, Les Moonves and Sumner Redstone could all be on the stand.

That is, if Rather’s got enough money to burn beyond the $2 mil he’s already spent.

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