SocraticGadfly: Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert on Perot dime? What about Royce West and JWP?

November 18, 2008

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert on Perot dime? What about Royce West and JWP?

Over at the Dallas Observer, Jim Schutze has the goods to expose has Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert is essentially the Perot family’s whipping boy and stalking horse to do about anything he can to stall, delay or damage the prospects of the Dallas Logistics Hub, the centerpiec of trying to get a federal government-sanctioned “inland port,” with trade advantages, established in southeast Dallas, Lancaster, Wilmer and Hutchins.

That includes Leppert’s latest idea, a “master plan” covering the entire area and cutting across government boundaries.

But, why now, Tom? Because your other efforts on behalf of the Perots (who own Alliance Airport and control all the logistics ventures facilities there), have failed? The Logistics Hub has been in the air for a few years by now. You could have proposed a master plan three or more years ago. Instead, Perot tools went to the Lege instead, and lost.

Where then does long-time Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price come in?

Well, his past head-butting with Hutchins Mayor Artis Johnson over bridge-building money says that with JWP, it can at times, many times, be about access, friends and money. An off-the-cuff guess would be that the Perots might be throwing some friends of his some construction work bones. Just a guess. If that's not the correct guess, let's just say that JWP isn't all hot about a master plan because he's got a sudden worry about uncontrolled development.

Besides, like Leppart, where was he four years ago? Butting heads with Artis Johnson, but not talking about a master plan for the logistics hub, that's where.

And what about state Sen. Royce West, who is now also reportedly pushing harder for a master plan for the Dallas inland port area? If he were involved …

Well, we know that Royce’s baby is UNT-Dallas. Maybe a Perot-endowed chair of business management? Hmm, just a guess. Or, maybe he's looking at a run for higher office in two years. But…

Marcus Knight? The Lancaster mayor may just have some sincere concerns. Or, he may be under JWP’s spell, wing or tutelage. Or, maybe his family’s business gets some Perot bones. A Google search on his name + Perot didn't turn up any links, but you never know what can fly beneath the radar.

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