SocraticGadfly: Why was Nino Scalia at …

September 16, 2008

Why was Nino Scalia at …

(The pics that will make you hurl!)

A “Lady Liberty” dinner honoring long-term ACLU President Nadine Strossen?

First, we have Nino getting a hug from Nadine, while fellow Supreme Court Justice David Souter DOES look like he’s going to hurl. Or crap his pants. Or like he's already crapped his pants.

Or, maybe he's struggling to hold in a bad joke.

But, that’s not the best!

HERE’S the best. Nadine making love eyes at Nino.

Nadine, did you smoke a cigarette afterward? Did you use protection? Did you ask him to lock you up in a mock Gitmo cell? Did he offer to waterboard you?

Anyway, back to the rhetorical question:

Why was Nino Scalia at a “Lady Liberty” dinner honoring long-term ACLU President Nadine Strossen?

That would be like the Sierra Club inviting Dick Cheney to a Carl Pope dinner. (Of course, that, too could still happen.)

OK, that would be like Defenders of Wildlife inviting Sarah Palin to a fundraising banquet.

I saw this with my own orbs on page 11 of the summer 2008 issue of “Civil Liberties,” the ACLU’s national newsletter, and then Google Imaged for the pics.

This is the same issue where hypocritical Executive Director Anthony Romero (after being hired as ACLU’s executive, he was teaching major U.S. companies how to comply with the Patriot Act, and when an ACLU board brouhaha broke out, Strossen supported him) has the P1 column entitled “Fighting for Justice at Guantánamo.”

Excuuusseee me, but hasn’t your biggest adversary in the judicial branch been Antonin Scalia?

Maybe if the ACLU had Dick Cheney’s shotgun to raffle, with part of the prize including a free shot or two at Nino, but otherwise …

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