SocraticGadfly: HERE is a bailout idea with teeth

September 27, 2008

HERE is a bailout idea with teeth

As part of a bailout agreement, the DOJ agrees to investigate past and/or present CEOs of all mortgage companies that offered liars’ loans, for possible fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, etc.

DOJ also agrees to investigate CEOs of investment banks, hedge funds, reinsurers, etc. who bought mortgage-based securities with liars loans in them, for similar criminality.

Beyond criminality, DOJ promises to sue, as well, per available evidence, any such CEOs.

Would be a wonderful idea, but folks such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden, just to mention Congressional Democrats with the most connections to the financial sector —

I’m sorry, I forgot Barak Obama with top campaign contributor Goldman Sachs in there —

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