SocraticGadfly: Here comes the oligarchy

September 24, 2008

Here comes the oligarchy

David Brooks is more thought-provoking, more aggravating, more right and more wrong than normal — and all in the same column!

Brooks is writing about Crazy Uncle Henry’s Damaged Derivatives Dump, of course, which still includes Immunity 2.0, which ties in closely with his kicker, buried at the end of the column:
We’re entering an era of the educated establishment, in which government acts to create a stable — and often oligarchic — framework for capitalist endeavor.

Brooks argues, as does any pundit with a brain, that supply-side economic “conservativism” is dead. But he claims that populism doesn’t stand a chance against corporate centrism, either.

And, judging his reference back to Andrew Mellon, he thinks that’s good.

That said, when did Brooks, through the mouthpiece of one of his bozos, I mean “bobos,” ever criticize supply-side economics before?

In any case, the column is certainly Brooks writ large, in a microcosm.

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