July 29, 2008

Belo deathwatch: The Quick is now the almost-dead in Dallas – as is Decherd’s brain

The Dallas Morning News’ grab-and-go five-day daily, modeled on similar publications in Chicago, is now going to be an entertainment-focused weekly.

Given that 20-somethings can find that already in the Observer or online at Pegasus News, I can’t see where this does anything but aim Quick straight for an early death.

And this new Briefing? If younger wealthier subscribers want a local newspaper, it’s either the Observer or maybe their suburban weekly, depending on how good that is.

Basically, Belo doesn’t have a clue and is grasping at straws.

Especially not when A.H. Belo (print side of the old Belo Corp. media combine) Chairman Bob Decherd utters a truism like this as supposed brilliant insight:
“The key to long-term success is revenue generation,.”

No shit? I’ll bet some of the 14 percent of people you are firing to try to justify your massive CEO salary bet they had thought of that.

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