May 09, 2008

Bonus scatblogging — San Fran wants Bush in the crapper

Memorialize the Preznit!

John Rinaldi is trying to get a new sewage treatment plant in San Francisco named after the Preznit:
Virginia-born activist and ordained minister John Rinaldi, a co-sponsor of the petition who ran unsuccessfully for mayor last year under his nickname “Chicken John,” said the initiative would turn “every toilet in San Francisco into basically a shrine for George W. Bush and all his great achievements in his eight years as our commander in chief.”

Rinaldi — flush with pride about the idea — said renaming the plant is “the highest honor available to us.”

If I were in San Fran, I would gladly “pull the lever” on this vote.

Or, get a toilet bowl brush with a George Bush head!

Update: I got to thinking — does Crawford, Texas, expect to need a sewer upgrade anytime soon?

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