SocraticGadfly: Green Party nutter William Pounds dives deeper in the shitpile

April 07, 2021

Green Party nutter William Pounds dives deeper in the shitpile

First, he's trying to get himself elected governor of Aridzona. I originally thought he doesn't look old enough to meet the likely minimum age. Weirdly, it's just 25. Weirdly and stupidly. Seeing John Mason, with home I've also "interacted," or tangled, before, as his campaign manager only adds to the laughs factor.

Second, per the link (to which I gave a no-follow) he's trying to do so via starting one of these "Independent Green Party" bs groups, riffing on the lying butthurtness of Dario Hunter, rather than within the existing Arizona Green Party

Third, also per that top link, he wants to use this as a vehicle to get Jesse THE BODY (Pounds HATES that) Ventura nominated as prez, along with officially declared capital-L Libertarian (since 2018) Cynthia McKinney as his veep. This is the same Jesse who himself got butthurt when he couldn't get the GP nomination handed to him on a platter. (That didn't stop some of his backers from trying to use Hunter as a stalking horse at the 2020 GOP convention.) This is also the same Jesse who, in 2016,  first lied and then crapped in the Libertarian Party bed, ensuring he'll never get nominated for even dogcatcher there.

Per a follow-up to that original post about Hunter, with comment by Brandy Baker, I can only see Pounds as an assclown.
I noted McKinney as official Libertarian in my post about the Alaska GP being deaffiliated. (Side note: Just as the original "domino theory" was a conspiracy theory, IMO, so is the claim that "trans activists" are dominoing Rhode Island and Alaska into the Georgia GP. That said, Pounds is surely working to vacuum up the Alaska disaffiliated.)

Fourth, his own butthurtness rejoices in Peter and Leela Daou not getting a consulting contract with GP national. Why he capitalizes half of Howie Hawkins' last name I have no fucking idea and no real desire to learn. Why he thinks Howie is the "deep state" as well as ecosocialist, I don't know and don't care to learn either.

The two bullshits together explain why he'd like a Libertarian as Veep and  Libertarian-flirter before killing his relationship with them as Prez on the nominations. (So, too, does his LinkedIn, which shows he's done freelance writing for the website of Lib-tard Ron Paul.) Of course, that presumes his independent party even gets on the ballot in Aridzona.

I blocked him on Hucksterman over this Jesse bullshit last year. May have blocked him on Twitter as well, or maybe he's on Gab or something now.

Hey, Pounds? Kyrsten Sinema left the Aridzona Greens to become a Democrat. Why don't you at least have that same level of honesty and become a fucking Libertarian?

And, seeing him as ultimately being a Libertarian, and yes, Pounds, that's exclusive from being a Green, he's not only an assclown, he's an agent provocateur.

As for Greens fearing ecosocialism? Again, I joined the GP (as a volunteer and voter) seeing it as a party of the left as well as an environmentalist party. I think your fears, let alone terrors, over socialism are ... ridiculous. Of course, in many cases, this may be walking hand in hand with an over-interpretation of the "decentralization" plank of the key values, the same thinking that leads to "paper" state parties.

As for Pounds' schadenfreude? It's sad. The Daous would have brought some new insight and help to the party. The GP seems bent on self-destructiveness.

And, all of this, plus the reminders of GP Facebook group censorship and more, is yet another reason I'm not a Green.

Oh, finally, let's not forget that both Ventura and McKinney are conspiracy theorists and there's no way I'd vote for either. (Jesse is mainly just a 9/11 falser; McKinney is full of all sorts of shit.) And, per his LinkedIn, Pounds is himself a junior conspiracy theorist in the budding.

And, yet other reasons I'm no longer officially a Green are that the party's National Committee doesn't seem to give a fuck, or else thinks it can sweep things under the rug. No mention of the Rhode Island and Alaska party disaffiliations. No mention of efforts like Pounds'.


Anonymous said...

So you start with ageist clap-trap about how apparently only older people should be able to participate in politics. Pretty shit-take for a supposed "leftist."

Then you gate-keep with political party bullshit about how apparently only the "real Greens" should be allowed to be a party, when it's pretty apparent to anyone with two brain-cells to rub together that the Greens have been totally ineffectual and compromised.

Krysten Sellout is the perfect example of how thoroughly compromised the current Green party is. So I cheer on anyone breaking away from that dead-end party which has never successfully put someone in the House or Senate, and has consistently under-performed in Presidential elections when over 50% of the U.S. population is literally DYING to see a third party rise up.

If you're officially a "Green" for the reasons you've listed, you're not only not a leftist, you're a neo-lib just waiting to fall in line behind the likes of Thirsten For $$$ Sinema.

Gadfly said...

That's your one comment until I see a URL identifying who you are other than a Pounds cultist.

Since Pounds himself IS a Libertarian (yes, IMO, capital L not just small) and is NOT NOT NOT a leftist, your use of that word in scare quotes about me is laughable.

Pounds AND Sinema are the perfect examples of how compromised the Green Party is. You probably are, too.

The idea that I like her is laughable.

Again, you've had your one comment.

Zacherydtaylor said...

Pounds is an obvious clown, but he's net a sincere member of the Green Party. He's clearly trying to troll them doing more harm than good.

But, to be honest with you, you're not making a much better case.

Gadfly said...

I think I've made a good enough case. Since I've blocked him on Hucksterman, I can't see his comments in that Independent-Green group there, but I've seen replies to him, which help me feel comfortable I've made a good enough case.

Also, claiming Hawkins is a member of the Deep State, etc.? No, Pounds is more than a troll; he's a believer.

And, if he were sincere, he wouldn't be starting independent "green" parties in the first place.