SocraticGadfly: No, Jesse, No! (and apparently, he ain't) — er, unless his ass is kissed

April 22, 2020

No, Jesse, No! (and apparently, he ain't) —
er, unless his ass is kissed

Not Jesse Jackson, but Jesse Ventura, formerly "The Body," talking about asking to be let inside the Green Party presidential candidate tent now.

Jill Stein was stanning for him last November. She discussed that, Russiagate and Howie Hawkins' take on it and more in this excerpt from an interview by Primo Nutbar, officially known as Primo Nutmeg. (I've briefly mentioned him before here, and run into him in more depth on Twitter. He earns the renaming.)

The "more"?

NOTE: See updates at bottom.

And new update here:

Jesse claimed "the logistics are not going to happen." He claimed he'd have to give up his job and lose health insurance. I have no idea what this claim means. If he means his RT talk show? The Fairness Doctrine doesn't exist, so no, he wouldn't have to do that, and it's questionable whether RT being registered as a foreign agent means he'd have to quit. If he means that he'd have to not work in order to actively campaign? That was always going to be the case.

This gets more "delicious" with another story from this announcement, where he says he's open to the GP nominating him at a brokered convention. Really, Jesse? But, wouldn't you still have to quit your RT job because it's RT, or else just to have time to actively campaign? In either case, the same limitations apply as if you decided to run now.

What a lying sack of shit. Or box of dicks.

Beyond that, Jesse is over 65 and thus eligible for Medicare.

There's also one other possibility. Maybe Jesse didn't want to have to file an FEC financial disclosure, for whatever reason.

And an earlier update.

Now, Cimbrelo is a DSA Rosey who became a Green after St. Bernard of Vermont lost again, then like a good St. Bernard, started sheepdogging. I have no idea what connectedness he has to Ventura, and like Primo Nutbar, he trades in "on background" claims by not naming names.
Also, like Primo Nutbar on April 23, Jesse himself has said nothing.

On Book of Face, Cimbrelo claimed he'd been tapped to be Jesse's Massachusetts chair for Jesse. Why? What makes him special there? And was somebody playing him?

Back to the original.

When Stein heard about the idea of libertarian Jesse Ventura (noted as such in my review of potential GP candidates), and conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura (he is), running for the Green Presidential nomination, and that antivaxxer RFK Jr. would be his wingman if Jesse had his druthers, she was all for it. He's also a HAARP conspiracy theorist.

And finally, he's an antivaxxer. He will of course claim "I just want people to be informed." Well, dude, no you don't. You'd have a person like Paul Offit on the show if you did and NOT RFK Jr. This is the RFK Jr who says we only had to get a few shots in 1954. Yeah, dude, and things like the polio shot WEREN'T AVAILABLE. We also had no vaccine against the highly contagious measles, or German measles, or mumps, when you were a kid.

Finally, for Bobby Kennedy Jr. to pounce on Offit's saying it was like he'd won the lottery with the money he got for the rotavirus vaccine? Wow, I guess a megamillionaire heir to the Kennedy family fame and FORTUNE is begrudging the son of a shirtmaker some money.

Beyond the outright conspiracy theories, just in his time as governor of Minnesota, he seemed to be as much a political weathervane as Trump.

As for Primo Nutbar, who started this?
Jesse was blathering about running last November, which is why Stein was stanning for him then.

Of course, back then, it was as an independent.

See, Jesse's also got an ego almost as big as Trump's. He wants to be courted, maybe?

Or, Primo Nutbar was just making shit up. Not surprising.
There you are. And so, I tweeted back to Primo asking him to name names on these sources.

And, I've since retweeted this tweet by Ventura and tagged Nutbar in it.

After that, noticing that Nutbar had retweeted other Ventura tweets since I first called him out? I Tweeted to him again, asking him to retweet the Tweet above, which of course he won't. (The next morning, 12 hours later, he hadn't. Bernie→ Green Congress candidate Kenneth Mejia had retweeted Primo's claim, so I did a Tweet-all on that.)

And, since I'm in that kind of mood? I reported his original tweet and one other to Twitter.

Another option is that we have a Mike Gravel in reverse. Some Ventura aide is trying to push him to run, and that's Primo's "sources."

Or there's a third option.

Essentially, Primo played telephone with his friends, perhaps including assistants to / entourage of Ventura, and now is his own source, and is OK with that because he wants Ventura to run and birds of a conspiracy theory flock together.

Or, there's a fourth reason. (This, and the reasons above, are not mutually exclusive.)

Nutbar is pretty well known for not liking Howie Hawkins among Green candidates. With Hawkins off to a strong lead over Dario Hunter, maybe Nutbar is looking for a last-ditch attempt to block Howie. (I don't totally agree with Howie on Russia, but he's far from all wet. Meanwhile, Nutbar is one of those allegedly outside-the-box America is always wrong on foreign policy stenos. And, stenos they are.)

(Update, June 26: Primo broke the news two weeks earlier that Jesse was crapping in the bed of the Green Party and would write in his own name for prez. Here's my take on not only that basic fact, but related, and ongoing, censorship by the Green Party, since their official Facebook group IS official that makes the censorship official.)


Meanwhile, Kenneth Mejia is (perhaps willingly) being led around by the nose on this.

I say the perhaps willingly because the 2018 Green congressional candidate claims he was a Biden supporter. Really? Yes, really per his Twitter profile. And his currently pinned post makes things only worse.
Re his profile, and related indirectly to this, I subtweeted:
And even that may be generous.

Mejia's also either an idiot or lying about something else, namely the claim that Ventura's not a Libertarian. He voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson in 2012 and 2016 and publicly said so. A month later, he said so again, as late as August 2016. FYI, Johnson is a lifetime member, by purchased membership, of the Libertarian Party. I was told since my original post that Jesse actually voted for Stein in 2016, and apparently so. ("Apparently so" means this is his claim; who knows whether it's true or not. Note that in neither the first or second link, does he even mention Stein.)

"Congrats." He was still a Libertarian in 2012, a professed Libertarian in 2016, and became a flip-flopper some time between then and November 2016. Does that really make you feel that much better about him? Especially, per that link that he reportedly interviewed Johnson ON ELECTION NIGHT. Let that hypocrisy sink in. (The Reddit piece is based on an Alex Jones video; dunno if it's archived elsewhere, since Alex is not on YouTube any more!)

But wait, wait! It gets even better!

Here's Jesse and his campaign guru in his Minnesota gov run, Dean Barkley, giving The Donald himself two hours of advice about how they ran Ventura's gov race and what Trump might learn!

And, like Ron Popeil? That's not all, folks!

Go to just before the end of the piece. The announcer notes that Ventura said in 2015 he'd be OK being selected as Trump's Veep.

(More ass-kissing here. Jesse thinks that Trump's money is proof he's smart. No, it's proof he inherited his dad's money and his dad's mob ties.)

So, got that clear? Having voted for Johnson in 2012, and claiming in the summer of 2016 he would do so again, before flip-flopping to Stein, in between all that, Jesse gave Trump campaign advice after saying he'd be good running with him.

And speaking of Trump? I caught Ventura in a Trumpian lie In this 2018 interview, he says he doesn't Tweet. Funny, his Twitter account was started in 2013, and at least recently, he tweets or retweets several times a day.

Meanwhile, Mejia keeps trying to split hairs, to juice Green interest for all the wrong reasons, to let himself be led by the nose by Primo Nutbar, or else to willingly lead others by the nose.

He keeps talking and talking and talking and talking  ... about this alleged letter of interest. I've asked him to show me a PDF.
And, with that, I decided to start reporting Tweets of his. Category: Misleading about an election.

And, a good old word from when I was a kid? "Twerp" would be a quick one-word summary of my take on Mejia.


Someone else on the GP Facebook group mentioned Ron Placone. (I assume they meant him, not Ron Pacone.)

Placone is a comic who has appeared on Jimmy Dore (nuff ced) and who I'd never heard of before. But, teh Google and his Twitter feed showed he had a speculative YouTube video a few days ago that asked the rhetorical question "WILL Jesse run?" Note the diff?

Primo Nutbar either misheard the video, or else decided what the hell. And signal-boosted and further distorted.

This is otherwise a circle-jerk by people wanting to circle-jerk and be circle-jerked.


As for Greens who stan for Jesse in general? I didn't need new psychological research to tell me that celebrity worshipers have mental health problems on social media. Besides, you're about as bad as Libertarians waiting for the next ex-Republican to save them.

And, I suspect Mejia is flacking the Jesse untruth because he's been the benefit of celebrity worship himself within Green Party circles.


Update, April 29: I was asked on Twitter, if Jesse DID enter the race AND got the GP nomination, what my vote option would be?

Simple. Howie Hawkins already has the SPUSA nomination, and SPUSA's Mimi Soltysik was available by write-in here in Tex-ass in 2016. That said, between COVID and the possibility of Howie getting both nods, I'm not sure what, if anything, SPUSA has done, not only in Texas but other states, for ballot access this year.

Oh? For a variety of reasons, I almost pulled the SPUSA lever in 2016. In hindsight, as a "marker" if nothing else, I wish I would have.


Update May 1: Because I don't have any plans on voting for him, I didn't think (even with all the above information) that Jesse would be Just.Another.Politician.™, but he is!

Because, as it turns out, on April 27, he said:
So, parsing this?

I tweeted back tonight:
There you go. Mr. Johnson→ Trump→ claiming Johnson again→ allegedly Stein voter, you wanna prove that just maybe you're NOT Just.Another.Politician.™? Now's your chance.

In reality, this is as likely as Primo Nutbar naming his sources for his original leak 10 days ago. (Said leak now stands in a new light, though.)

I also have to "love" at least one Green Jesse-stanner who tried to explain away all the flip-flopping WITHIN that one, election, year, as Jesse just changing his mind. Out of curiosity, I double-checked the date on Jesse's 2016 comment about voting for Johnson again, and it was AFTER the Libertarian convention, so he couldn't have been angling for the Veep spot (like he DID say he wanted to run with Trump). Add to all of this that Stein, like Johnson, had run in 2012 as well as 2016.

Finally, one more shot at Jesse the conspiracy theorist. WHOSE show was he on when he announced he had voted for Stein after all?

Update, May 16: I webmailed the GP a request for that letter two weeks ago. Earlier this letter, at that account, I got a "welcome to the Green Party" form letter email back. I immediately responded with this: "Hey, thanks for sending me a form letter. Now, send me a copy of the letter of interest that Jesse Ventura's minions sent the Party. I asked for it a full week ago or more."

(Update, June 26: A week ago, I asked the party's Presidential Campaign Support Committee, by email not webmail, to cough up the letter. Hasn't happened.)


Jesse Ventura wasn't "progressive" as Minnesota governor, either. He repeatedly attacked the state teachers union, for example.

There's an issue behind that, too.

Jesse claimed property taxes were regressive. Maybe that's because he has a 32-acre horse farm.

Sadly, I forgot that these rumors aren't true. As David Bruce Collins reported in 2018, they were flying then. Also sadly, DBC didn't look the reality of Gift Horse Jesse in the mouth more, as I commented back then on lesser info than I have now.


Unknown said...

You merely point out a couple of problem areas with Ventura but you have no better resource, no way to stand up to the 2 party system. Ventura can be persuaded in some manners, Trump is an abortion and Biden the afterbirth. You don't show us a better option than Ventura, please don't be a part of the problem.

Robin Laurain, Seeking the Green Party Nomination for Michigan State University Board of Trustee 2020. said...

The "audacity of celebrity". There are no free tacos in Michigan. You earn your lunch here,

Gadfly said...

The first comment I published only to show that Jesse-stanners don't care about already announced candidates in the Green Party. They care about Jesse the savior first, third parties second.

And, "unknown," besides being wrong on third parties, not celebrity candidates, as the way to stand up to the system (wasn't Trump a "celebrity candidate" to stand up to the GOP system), I've already shown that Howie Hawkins is, in my opinion, a better option.

If you Jesse-stanners really think he's the answer, fine. Go start a Jesse party. Why didn't you start one two years ago?

Otherwise, I'm not clogging up the list with a bunch of comments like this, and my need to moderate them and reply to them. Capiche?

Gadfly said...

Oh, if Trump is an abortion and Biden the afterbirth, Jesse the advisor of Trump is the Cleanup on Aisle 3.