SocraticGadfly: Dario Hunter "went there" (and is now pulling Jesse Ventura chickenshit)

July 02, 2020

Dario Hunter "went there"
(and is now pulling Jesse Ventura chickenshit)

Per a link at Independent Political Report, he's ... I"m going to be blunt, Dario ... he's "played the race card."

Here's the video from Dario. You want to listen about 30 seconds in, about the "I got into this race to break down the walls of exclusion ... especially against people who look like me."

Fuck you, Dario.

Update, July 11: Fuck you MUCH FUCKING MORE, Dario.  Dario has announced he is running as an "independent Green." Which, per Andrea Merida Cuellar, of course means "independent." (Given his refusal to work to meet some specific state GP requirements, she doesn't think it will go anywhere. She also confirms the rumor that Jesse-stanners were behind many of the delegate credentials challenges.)

And, let's Twitter-link (can't embed) the video of the new announcement. And comment on a few of the larger stupidities?

Howie's "CIA talking points"? Dario was well coached by either Jesse-stanners or stanners of Jesse-stanners. Attacking Howie for lack of charisma as he seems to woodenly read a list of bullet points? Laughable.

Speaking of? Dario admits being in collusion with Jesse, the Jesse who had already said he would write in his own name:
Fuck him again. And his Veep, Darlene Elias, is a Berniecrat by self-admission with no special loyalty to the GP. All of this, in turn, officially gives his lie to his statement earlier this year to support whoever the Green Party's nominee was. 

He's also an opportunist, who, per his Wiki page, only joined the Green Party in 2018, likely only for the purpose of a presidential campaign. (Sounds like good company to Jesse Ventura there, too.)

And with that, back to the original thread as Dario isn't worth me wasting more time on his self-centered, solipsistic ass.

The Green Party nominated Cynthia McKinney in 2008. Yes, many people know that the party could do more to attract minorities, but?

Reverse racism is racism.

Especially when Howie's campaign manager, Andrea Merida Cuellar, is a minority herself.

Doubly so when Howie's own Veep nominee, Angeal Walker, is, like Cynthia McKinney, Black.

The Dario-stanners are ignorant of his putting his thumbs on the scale with Ian Schlakman. It wouldn't surprise me if he was one of the organizers of the whispering campaign claims that Howie seeking to run fusion with SPUSA violated Green Party rules. They're also ignorant of him having a hasbara past (and maybe present) and not apologizing for that, either.

Dario has also tried to play both sides of the fence on the trans activists issue. As for fairness otherwise, both Dario and Howie spoke at the 2019 Texas state convention.

And, read the comments at the video link. From here in Texas, Kat Gruene calls his ass out all OVER the place. Once is in response to Dario, who was responding to someone else calling him out for "going there." Said person noted what I did above, plus that Ajamu Baraka was Jill Stein's Veep in 2016 and other things.

Let's start with Dario's response to that:
This video doesn’t actually address racism in the Green Party. (?) It does reference the general political disenfranchisement of people who look like me, something every candidate should have in mind and take into account. But if you’d like me to do a video about racism in Green Party leadership, I certainly could. I’d have plenty of material. 
I responded that he was trying to have his cake and eat it too.

Kat just lit into him over that.
Dario Hunter and i could do one on the use of identity politics and how incapable people get elected to leadership in the gp alllll the time because of their non cis white male identity - electing tech incompetent older women for national committee for example - an almost 98% tech required position - in TX back in the day if you were not white or a woman you could get elected just because of that even if you were at your first green meeting - it became a running joke 
BOOM! And true, as I noted, in response to her.
Baraka noted this problem with GP identity politics "slots" and incapable people. The late Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report noted this in spades, time and time and time again.
Here's my blogging about Dixon's take on the "90 day wonders" in 2018. Here's more, from a longer, more convoluted hot take on the GP annual meeting in 2017.

Dario is just a poster child for that, now.

Finally, Dario's lies about state Green Party exclusion and more are all exposed here.

Oh, on my calling Dario out? Per Doug Henwood, being a leftist means not having white liberal guilt, so anybody trying to call ME out? Fail.

This is all just a ramping up of the Howie hatred, but now it's gotten ugly. David Bruce Collins tries to find a more nuanced take, but still doesn't like it. And, I'm inclined to be disinclined to his nuance, as we disagree somewhat on Howie and Russia, and that same "more" link above, disagree STRONGLY about Caitlin Johnstone (and, I suspect, other conspiracy theorizing between points Russia and Caity, though DBC is nowhere near Brains on this, or many other Greens).

I'm still not sure about voting Green in 2020. Howie could screw the pooch on one item at the convention, among other things. And, if he's personally involved, I won't vote for him on the SPUSA ballot line either. (His campaign treasurer, Travis Christal, had one comment on the video; I left him a comment in return, more explicit about that issue.)

Update: The Georgia GP wasn't expelled this year. Who knows in the future? Howie says he doesn't favor expulsion, but plays Just.Another.Politician.™ by not calling it expulsion, and has been a sucker for one-siderism on this issue.

Update 2: Dario wasn't the only assclown among this year's candidates.

Update 3: Michael Trudeau has more of the goods on Dario's bullshit, focusing on his hasbara history.

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