SocraticGadfly: Coronavirus Week 52: Odds and ends

April 06, 2021

Coronavirus Week 52: Odds and ends

• First, yours truly is now covered, and as a "one and done" courtesy Johnson and Johnson. That said, no, even before warnings about it being connected to ID theft, I'm not dumb enough to shoot a photo of my vaccination card and post it online, and certainly not dumb enough in the era of facial recognition software to shoot a selfie of my mug PLUS that card.

Nor am I a deep-fried enough virtue signaler to feel psychologically compelled to do so.
That said, I'll tell conspiracy theorists from wingnuts through horseshoeing leftists to STFU.  (So will Dr. Peter Hotez; scroll to the bottom.)

• Speaking of, Orac writes the post he'd "hesitated to write," taking John Ioannidis to the WTF woodshed.

• Largely White exurban/suburban Katy ISD parents, thinking they're Black and woke, are citing Brown vs Board of Education as among reasons they're suing the district for keeping a mask mandate. Shock me that wingnut Jared Woodfill is the plaintiff attorney.
• Have rural Texas JPs undercounted COVID deaths?

• More people, such as oracle Zeynep Tufekci, continue to talk about a fourth search.

• Kids' COVID cases are spiking, at least in Michigan. This is what the likes of Tufekci warned about.

• A vaccine manufacturing plant with a history of problems mixed vaccines from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZenica.

• Fauci has said the US may not need the AstraZenica vaccine anyway.
• The wrongness and lies of Alex Berenson get detailed

• In the wake of various forms of COVID denialism, Dr. Peter Hotez frets about the growing global anti-science movement. Per a CNN clip embedded in the piece, South Dakota has the eighth-highest COVID death rate in the nation.

• Tied to this? White evangelicals have surpassed Black America as the nation's biggest vaccine denialists. (Overall, Black and White vaccine hesitancy is about equal.)

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