July 22, 2016

More anti-Stein, anti-Green bullshit from Dan Savage, #Kossacks other #Hillbots

First, here's a Kossack calling Dr. Jill Stein a "dictator in waiting."

Shock me, from a site that banned me a full decade ago for being too Green. And from a proprietor who believes in unicorns, I mean, secret liberals in the CIA.

As for her executive fiat claim? The two worst "offenders" on executive orders are Democrats FDR and Wilson. Wiki has the goods. Among recent occupants of the White House, Dems and Republicans are equally bad.

Before that, it was Dan Savage claiming Greens do nothing but run for president every four years.


Here's local- and state-level featured and all Green officeholders.

Savage has now doubled down on lies by claiming Stein is an antivaxxer.

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