July 19, 2016

#RNCinCLE, parody day 1

And parody I shall, from noting that some Robinson guy from Dick Dynasty is looking like a hippie while violating the US Flag Code with a flag headband, through noting that the screwed-over Trump University grads obviously failed to show up to fill the convention hall in Cleveland Monday night, to noting Charles is NOT in Charge.

Give it up for Scott Baio, folks!

That's all this convention is worth. Texans, if you saw the doofus pic of Lite Guv Danny Goeb wearing a Stetson, you know that.

I haven't even mentioned Steve King's racism and 'subgroups.' Or black wingnut sheriff David Clarke, who makes Tim Scott and Allen West look sane. Or Melania Trump's alleged plagiarism of Michelle Obama, an issue that itself can blow back up in an accuser's face. Besides, per Doug Henwood, if anything was plagiarized, it was all sterile cliche. But it still sucked.

Which gets back to the reality of Hillary Clinton not needing Green Party votes like mine. If she screws this up, she is today's Tom Dewey.

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