July 20, 2016

#RNCinCLE parody day 2

You can't really parody Nevada's state GOP chairman getting his own capital city wrong during roll call, can you?

Well, actually, you can, per the screen grab from my Twitter feed, of the video embedded above.

Speaking of, Ralston, the alleged dean of Nevada political journalists and known apparent liar about the behavior of Bernie Sanders at the Nevada Democratic Convention, has been shit-canned by PBS over this. A bit late perhaps, but much better than nothing.

Meanwhile, there's still time to troll more on the Donald's wife, Melanin Trump. Fashionistas were cooing over her dress.

That led me to say, editing what I had on Twitter:

The speech was fake. The dress is real. The contents are fake.

Seriously, why isn't there a Trump line of breast implants? I mean, this is right up his alley. Put a 14K (that's all) Trump signature on them and hawk them on "The Apprenctice."

And, in news of GOP affiliate Faux News, we know that Megyn Kelly's been sitting on a 10-year secret: Her own alleged sexual harassment by Roger Ailes. What makes this all more disgusting is that Kelly was a corporate lawyer before coming to Faux, so she knows exactly what sexual harassment is.

File this under "self-hating conservative women," guess. A couple of years ago, due in part to believing too much of a few non-Faux MSM puff pieces, I thought she was above the cut of Ailes' normal blond bimbos. Looks like I might have been wrong.

I'm just disappointed there's no story about Ailes sexually harassing Bill O'Reilly with a loofah.

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