August 12, 2015

Will Saletan fires both barrels at the #GMO antis

Little of this is new to me, and Grist has had a kinder (and gentler) more in-depth look at some aspects of GMO fear, and more in-depth debunking.

Saletan focuses on a few big cases in a long-form takedown. Beyond plain fear, one thing he adds, and adds in much depth, to what Grist writes, is the flip-flopping of the organized wing of the anti-GMO movement. The worst example of this that he shows is anti-GMOers touting the use of Bt sprays while opposing Bt GMO crops. On top of this, the organized antis then lie about how heavily Bt sprays are applied.


Well, Saletan doesn't get into this, but the commercial organics subset of the organized wing of anti-GMOers itself makes healthy profits and profit margins.

In other words follow the money — and not just, and not necessarily, Monsanto's money. When organized anti-GMOers oppose golden rice even after it's modified, AND after being told that the poorest farmers will get it to free, money has to be part of the equation.

So is ... cultural imperialism. As with Greenpeace at the Nazca lines, a certain type of white Westerners thinks it knows what's best for others. Worse yet is when they and their defenders refuse to admit they're committing cultural imperialism.

Finally, although I support the Green Party with my voting as an alternative to the Democrats, things like this are why I'm not a member of the party, and will never be until it changes its stance on some issues.

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Changed my vote in your price of oil poll to the lowest choice.