August 13, 2015

What's with the love for Jim Webb?

Just over a month ago, after Bernie Sanders had entered the Democratic presidential race, along with Martin O'Malley and Lincoln Chafee, but before the then-rumored Jim Webb did, I put up a poll with their names and the previously-rumored Brian Schweitzer.

I made it a multiple choice poll, where people could select any candidate they'd vote for in Democratic primaries before Hillary Clinton. (See poll at right.)

Almost every voter here has chosen Bernie. No surprise.

What IS a surprise to me is that Webb's gotten almost as many votes as the other three combined.

He's the one person on the list that I'd put behind Hillary.

First, he's a former Republican, and I don't think he's gotten rid of all of his Republican "sensibilities" yet.

Second, while I like his emphasis on socioeconomic class as part of what we should consider in affirmative action, I don't think it should replace race-based efforts. Not yet, for sure. And I have a suspicion he does feel that way.

Third, as far as Republican "sensibilities," I think he, as a Son of the South, still clings to some Lost Cause ideas about the Civil War. He's been the least vocal of the four announced candidates about the Confederate flag. (As far as getting quoted, both he and Chafee are fighting to get more media oxygen, it should be noted, but for Chafee it's worse, because he doesn't stand out as different from Clinton or Sanders on an issue like this.) He's even indicated support for some Southern "honor" ideas.

Southern honor ideas ... that justify the Confederate flag, that can lead to "driving while black" and related issues of policing and more.

Speaking of, of course, Webb wasn't at the Netroots Nation, so he hasn't been called out on Black Lives Matter, but I'd venture his response would be beyond just "politically incorrect."

And, I don't know about Schweitzer, but, of the other four, Webb was last to the table on most gay rights issues.

So, any of you Webb supporters, what gives? Is this just that blind of Hillary hatred, or is there enough you actually like about him to want him to win?


paintedjaguar said...

Webb has a reputation as a "straight shooter"/honest politician, similar to what John McCain used to enjoy. That kind of image is actually enhanced by willingness to publicly support stances that may be unpopular with his electorate. It's more attractive than Hillary's transparent hypocrisy.

In McCain's case, the reputation was created by the courtier press and was undeserved. Webb? Don't know.

Gadfly said...

I'll buy that as far as it goes. Which isn't that far.

1. McCain's rep? I've called him the Schmuck Talk Express for years.

2. Bernie is, if not hypocrisy-free, less hypocritical than Hillary for sure.

3. Since regular readers, at least, know this is a definitely liberal blog, and I've voted Green in the past, and Webb is definitely overall the most conservative Dem candidate ... maybe it's poll crashing?