August 14, 2015

Millennials, stereotypes and reality

OK, Millennials are supposed to be both the most entrepreneurial generation AND the most plugged-in generation ever. But, how true is that, really? Maybe it’s just true of a subset … like a subset that has gone to college while being watched over by the ever-loving arms of helicopter moms, to indulge in another stereotype.

Let me give you an anecdotal counter-example When I was picking up my U-Haul for my move two weeks ago Friday, July 31, a guy came in with a woman I’ll presume was his girlfriend. Just walked in and wanted to know what vehicle he could get to rent. Specifically, was looking for a small van plus a trailer or something.

The clerk waiting on him said he had nothing until Saturday morning. Noted that Friday was the 31st, the end of a month, and a lot of people were moving. Add in that the end of the month was on a weekend, and, I got lucky, after getting a bit of a curveball, to get what I needed, albeit later in the day than I had first desired. But, here’s a Millennial, who probably has Internet at his apartment or whatever, probably has a smartphone … And, never thought to reserve a vehicle online in advance.

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