August 10, 2015

Inmates take over the asylum at Freethought Blogs, even from PZ Myers

No links of any sort will be posted to the site. I'm grateful to P.Z. Myers for, almost a full decade ago, giving a link to a blog post of mine when he and Richard Dawkins got expelled, or rather, barred, from a showing of the movie "Expelled."

From there, he and atheist/free speecher Ed Brayton founded Freethought Blogs.

But. after that, he went downhill, and like one of Galileo's balls of reality or Newton's apple of myth, did so at an ever-accelerating rate of speed.

An interesting idea, was FtB, even though PZed was already into not just Gnu Atheism but Atheism Plus and the emerging Social Justice Warrior movement (perhaps with two or three touches of hypocrisy) But it, not just him, soon dove deeper into the nearly waterless swimming pool of the SJW world.

I stopped regularly reading five years ago, and even semiregularly browsing, unless a Google search on a topic of my interest led me there, three years ago.

Finally, it reached the crack-up point. Brayton, for whatever reasons, went to Patheos. Before that, even, the most rabid SJWs had attached Ophelia Benson for being insufficiently feminist toward the transgendered. The "TERF" acronym — Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist — started getting hurled with ever more velocity. And, she then decided to pack up, too.

One part of the problem is that Brayton never could moderate PZ that much. Per a comment of his on Google Plus, though, my hopes of that happening when FtB was founded were perhaps vain all along. Fine, Ed, that's the bed you've made.

Despite attracting a number of additional bloggers, a tip jar, and enough Google Ads to pay a few dinero to bloggers, the website was never really upgraded that well. It did get one upgrade above its sub-Geocities-level start. (I say that because PZ said Patheos was below Geocities.) Ed and PZ apparently chose to do things on the cheap at the start, and never rose above the semi-cheap. Patheos as a blog site looks and runs better than FtB, there's no doubt about that.

That said, Patreos has a few SJWs itself; one has already blocked me. Maybe Ed won't be so lonesome.

Back to FtB. Apparently a number of its SJW types are mad at PZ because he tried to head off, or even moderate, the Ophelia criticism.

And hence, if not now, soon, they'll be running the asylum.

While Ed is clearly in the Gnu camp, probably a fair degree in the SJW camp, even (although Freethought clearly does NOT include things like the use of the Twitter Block Bot app), he was still, from what I know, a better organizer and manager than PZ. Myers will be unsuccessfully herding the SJW cats, I"m sure.

A friend asked that I not use his name in connection with linking to his blog. I used just his first name, but, that is, yes, not pseudonymous. I deleted the whole link, and I am not going to re-edit to link anonymously. Suffice it to say I disagree with him, and do so more now.

As for my privacy error? I think the easy way to avoid it is just not link, and otherwise treat it as kind of a blog version of an intranet. Yes, he's on my blogroll, for now at least. 

Ed, I wish you enough luck/success to keep body/soul together. That's about it, and I don't shed tears for any Argentinas.

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