August 05, 2015

Lab meat: Beyond #GMOs, the ultimate #Frankenfood

Regular readers should know my stance on GMOs. I support following the actual science, just like I do on climate change, and like ... well, like a fair amount of Green Party members, other alleged environmentalists, and other New Green Left types don't, as I've blogged clearly before.

That said, if GMOs make you go batshit, even though irradiation-produced Texas grapefruit don't (and I'm going to keep reminding folks that their Ruby Red is produced by radiation), what about meat created in a laboratory?

First, PETA supports it on grounds of reducing animal cruelty, which could split the New Left types.

Second, I support it myself in large part on environmental grounds.

Just like the graph below details.

Now, ardent vegetarians will say: Don't eat meat at all, perhaps. I'd rather face reality, and see if we can't get the price lowered on this further and go from there. Maybe this can even be married to 3-D printer technology at some point.

In any case, even if it can't make filet minion, it could make hamburger/meatballs/sausage level meats. Lunchmeat bologna.

Let's pursue this, and let's get investor money to pursue this. That graph above don't lie.

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