February 06, 2014

Today's #SamHouston needs namesake's backbone in Texas AG race

Via Off the Kuff, Democrat Sam Houston thinks that, if the Texas Lege is a bunch of idiots, even to the point of possible unconstitutionality, he should just lay there and take it and defend the state.
Houston, the one Democrat running to replace Greg Abbott as Texas attorney general, still has some learning to do.

First, with an au contraire, he could take a page from his would-be peer in the Old Dominion. Virginia's new AG, Mark Herring, not only opted to stop defending the state in its being sued over its law banning gay marriage, beyond that, he even officially committed the state to joining the plaintiffs. Sam Houston's still got some learning to do.

Second, the Lone Star Project has already suggested Abbott should stop defending the state of Texas on the renewal of the school finance lawsuit.

Third, Kuff previously said Houston will need to throw a few punches. Agreed.

The school finance lawsuit would be a perfect time to do so. Let's hope Houston acts soon, before the moment passes.

"Grow a pair, Sam!"

And, if Wendy Davis is calling out Abbott for defending this monstrosity, it's more obvious than ever that you need to grow a pair.

Besides that, you could be talking about the AG suing polluters, turning a tight legal eye to places like West Fertilizer and more.

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