February 05, 2014

So much for #WendyDavis outraising #GregAbbbott

Let's see how Burnt Orange Report, the Angle Bros. et al spin THIS, namely, how badly Greg Abbott kicked Wendy Davis' butt in January fundraising. Yes, it's not the bottom line numbers. But, with this info, unless Abbott is far outspinning the Davis spin of just a few short weeks ago, it doesn't at all look good, even if it's over a shorter reporting period.

Maybe national pro-choice groups are backing off on some donations, if Davis is "prolife." Or national LGBT groups are backing off because Davis allegedly doesn't have time for local and state ones' endorsement questionnaires (really, she's running away from that, too), but does have time for one from the Morning News, and surely other mainstream papers. 
This board has learned that the Davis for Governor campaign is deliberately boycotting any and all questionnaires or other media requests for the primary election. 
Not true. Now, that post is as of Jan. 26, so she may have done the Morning News' dog and pony later. But, she did do it, as shown here.

Update, Feb. 6: Per Wayne Slater of the Morning News, Davis may actually have good news, no spin needed, for the next reporting period. The Abbott campaign and wingnuts piling on Slater's piece about the "tightness" of her campaign bio may have given her a bounce financially.

Bounce aside, Davis' staff again appears discombobulated, especially discombobulated in the bumbling way they're pushing their candidate further and further rightward on social issues. Expect a kerfuffle on immigration sometime in the next month or two, at the rate this is going.  But, as with David Alameel trying to run from his pro-life past, this is the Internet era. Your record is out there.

And, maybe that's part of the reason for the fundraising drop, the whole apparent discombobulation, the possible bounce aside.

As for the candidate herself? If she didn't want to fully stand on the issue that brought her to national attention, then she shouldn't have run for governor in the first place.

But if she still did want to stand on her background, yet run for governor? She could have been firmly pro-choice, firmly used that word to describe herself, and yet run on a full-fledged multi-issue campaign.

It's actually too bad that Davis doesn't have a legitimate primary opponent, not just Ray Madrigal. An actual contested primary might be the one thing to knock her campaign into fighting form.

Compare that to Abbott, who between AG and state Supreme Court races has had four statewide races (albeit without opposition in any of his primaries).

Instead, we'll have Greg Abbott vs Wendy Davis, both running further to the right.

And, therefore, once again, the Abandoned Pointy Object State will have dreck for voter turnout.

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