February 04, 2014

Dear librulz — it's #Coke — stop defending its #SuperBowl ad

So what if conservatives attack it for a multilingual version of "America the Beautiful"?

First, Coke is ripping itself off. Some versions of its long-ago ad for "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" had multilingual lines. This is nothing new. It's called "marketing." And, that's a heads-up to both librulz and wingnuts. Get a clue. (Especially wingnuts.)

Second, let's get real about Coca-Cola.

It might let Hispanics in the U.S. sing a line from "America the Beautiful" in Spanish. But, you can bet your life it wouldn't let them sing a line from "If I Had a Hammer" in Spanish in Columbia, given its reported connections to the murder of Columbian union organizers.

That's only part of a history of anti-labor thuggery in Latin America.

Which goes hand in hand with a past history of racial discrimination in its US plants.

Of course, a lot of librulz of PC-type struggles usually have a "neo-" in front and don't know unions exist.

Coke did reform some of its ethical problems in India, but, the dual standards part never should have happened in the first place.

Coke also has its fair share of environmental issues. Yes, it's stopped, or slowed, draining Indian aquifers. But, as the maker of Dasani bottled water, it still wastes petrochemicals via plastic bottles and via trucking bottled water all over the place. Yes, Coke has reduced the amount of plastic in bottles, but still.

Third, Coke, like General Mills over Cheerios a year or so ago, is a Fortune 500 company with a massive PR department. It doesn't need a few benighted but poorly informed librulz to help it out.

So, in short, Coke's playing you like a fool. I'm surprised that wingnuts haven't pointed out that Coke is an all-red can (aside from the white script) and that librulz should like Pepsi blue.

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