February 06, 2014

Texas Lite Guv new financials still have Patterson playing catch-up

The GOP Lite Guv primary remains of definite interest for me. So, here's a dive into Jan. 1-23 filing reports for that race, above all.

Incumbent David Dewhurst reports, via his election comitttee, about $254K in swag. As for Dudley Dewless' challengers?

Dan Patrick hauled in $150K, while Todd Staples took in a touch more, with $159K. Meanwhile, Jerry Patterson had only $36K for the period.

On the payout side, the Dew spent $1.126 million, while Patrick shelled out $2.315 million, and Staples went even higher, with $2.691 million. Patterson only spent $150K.

Again, Patterson's more folksy angle and other things may help him make it to the presumed runoff for this position, but, as I've said before, money does seem important in this race, so, I'm betting more and more against him.

Assuming Dewless is one of the two in the runoff, I'm still leaning toward Staples as his opponent. That said, I'll give you a 10 percent chance he's not in.

Of course, Patterson could whip his hogleg out from his boot for a hold-up for more money.

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