February 04, 2014

Can we expect #GregAbbott to take a "stand" for anything?

Oh, that word. "Stand."

Greg Abbott wouldn't want the political correctness police to treat his candidacy with kid gloves related to his physical handicap limitations, now would he?

We know that a good conservative like Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott would never, ever succumb to political correctness, now, would he?

Of course not. A rugged individualist hombre who can shoot thousand upon thousands of clay pigeons with a powerful 12-gauge loaded with double-aught buckshot a light, likely multi-round chambered 20-gauge shotgun with barely-more-than-blanks skeet loads surely doesn't need the support of librul buzz words, coded phrases and mollycoddling language, does he?

Or does he?

Judging by his campaign's new bromance with Andrew Breitbart alum James O'Keefe, one would have to say, yes, just maybe this silver-haired, silver-tongued devil of a LAWYER might actually want to dip into the world of A Way With Words:

So, I guess we, or his backers, can't ask Abbott to:

1. Take a stand for some issue
2. Stand on principle (as if we could, anyway)
3. Have any ethical stand-ards
4. Stand on his own two feet rather than let surrogates continue to sling mud at Wendy Davis
5. Shake a leg
6. Get a leg up on someone or something
7. Rise to the occasion
8. Run for office
9. Stand your ground (what will you do with that gun if a guy in a hoodie approaches)
10. Or even, "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus."

Why don't we just ask our tort friendly (before he was against it) AG to sit down with leading media outlets in the state and make sure everybody knows what the correct language is? We certainly wouldn't want Abbott to feel he was getting any special help in trying to run away from special scrutiny, would he?

Oops, guess I can't say that phrase, either. See what happens, Mr. AG, when political correctness runs amok? Ohh, that word again. Stop saying those words!

And, since you won't call off the "Abortion Barbie" surrogates, then, "Wheelchair Ken" might be fit return. (Since Davis is now allegedly "pro-life," in a black-is-now-white world, maybe both of you should instead keep on firing, but that's a whole nother story.)

In that case, let's remember what Harry Truman said: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Oops, that word! I said it again.

We are no longer the bloggers who say "Stand!" Or "Run!"

Oh, trust me, folks, there will be more in days ahead. (I've already thought of one phrase to start Round 2.)

And, speaking of talking points 2 and 4, no we can't ask Abbott to do that.

And, given that O'Keefe did his usual selective editing and mixing, we can't expect that on No. 3, either.

Per the Trib's linking to the Statesman's piece) for some reason, its video is now down):
(T)he raw video indicates that the laughter was selectively edited into the clip. The Austin American-Statesman compared the raw and edited videos and found there were distortions.
"Rick, I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, that there's selective editing going on here!"
And, so politics goes in the Abandoned Pointy Object State.

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