February 25, 2014

New numbers, same spinning, on Davis vs. Abbott fundraising

Kristy Hoppe summarizes the details. Yes, Davis was a touch ahead of Abbott in the most recent cycle, but again, you have to include her joint account fundraising to make that statement.

Second, yes, the vast majority of her money comes smaller donors, but, folks like Burnt Orange Report deliberately overlook that this includes two $1 million-plus donations.

There's a simple way to compare apples to apples.

On totals, we compare Davis-only accounts to Abbott-only accounts. If Davis wants any of the Victory Committee money counted, she needs to stipulate how much goes to her.

On where the money's coming from, on smaller vs. bigger donors, we list all donations to each candidate, then find the median donation amount.

Meanwhile, per Perry, instead of worrying about spinning donation deals, she needs to keep the heat up on Abbott about the Nuge.

Someday, in some galaxy far away, candidates will finally realize that truly independent-minded, non-tribalized, intelligent voters see through all the fundraising bullshit.

Unfortunately, that's not our galaxy today.

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