February 25, 2014

Jim Mussina: Just what real Democrats do not need

Whether he is the Karl Rove of something or another, anybody dipping his hands in the pockets of folks like the American Petroleum Institute is NOT the "Rove of the left," no matter what Politico says.

"Rove of the neolibs"? Well, maybe we could call him that. Chairing Obama's PR group, Organizing for America, dipping his hands in the post-Citizens United 501(c)3 till, and being one of Hillary Clinton's fronters means that he likely does swing a big neoliberal monetary dick.

Again, that's just what real Democrats don't need.

He was also a key architect of the sellout to insurance agencies, whose partially at work, partially sidelined (for a year? two years? forever) semi-limp remains are called Obamacare.
Again, that's just what real Democrats don't need.

Battleground Texas, at the Pointy Abandoned Object State level (that's Lone Star State, in case some readers haven't gotten that one yet) has nothing on Big Jim, though the Angle Bros certainly would like a piece of his action, I'm sure.

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