February 27, 2014

HERE is what #WendyDavis should campaign about

On this blog, I've regularly called Greg Abbott Texas' money-waster in chief, for all the times, about which he jokes, "I wake up in the morning, and I sue Obama."

And, someone from Lubbock agrees. And, has put a pencil to Abbott's money wasting, calculating it at more than $2.5 million.

THIS is what Wendy Davis should be running on, over and over, and over. Continue to hammer how Greg Abbott is Texas' money-waster in chief. She wouldn't have to run away from her record on social issues, or suddenly discover new ones, thereby continuing to confuse and disconcert the Democratic base.

Rather, hammer Abbott as a money waster, followed by the character issue. Ted Nugent is just the start. As Carol Morgan describes, Abbott's got a hypocrisy streak as wide as the Red River in spring flood, coupled with an integrity about as deep as the Red in summer drought.

Morgan has more, including blasting Abbott for suddenly, last year, "discovering" that his wife was Hispanic.

If, per Perry, the favorite bird of GOP Lite Guv candidates is the Ill Eagle, maybe for Abbott it's the Pander Bear.

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