February 28, 2014

Dan Patrick's Ill Eagles troubles increase

The original news that Danny Boy had willingly and knowingly hired illegal immigrants has surely torpedoed his campaign:
State Sen. Dan Patrick, who says Texas leaders must “stop the invasion” from Mexico, went along with a decision to hire at least four unauthorized immigrants as cooks and dishwashers at his sports bar in the mid-1980s, according to a Houston-area man who says he was one of them.
Has now gotten new confirmation, or even extension.

The Quorum Report links to a paywalled story from the Austin American Statesman that says that the "at least four" is now "between six and eight." Hell, next, we'll find out he drove to Matamoros personally to hire a whole family.

I would make a joke about Ill Eagles' breeding rates, but on the more serious side, that's the kind of bigotry that Patrick revels in.

In the original story, Patrick tries to claim fuzzy memory, but that doesn't fly:
Patrick, one of four Republicans running for lieutenant governor in the March 4 primary, said Tuesday he only “vaguely” remembers Andrade at one of his establishments. He said he had nothing to do with the hiring and that managers at each location handled employment decisions.

“We had literally hundreds of full-time and part-time employees. It’s a transient business and many young people come and go,” Patrick said in a statement.

Andrade agreed that a manager under Patrick hired him and the other three men, but said that after a few months Patrick knew that the four workers didn't have permission to be in the country – because he told Patrick.
It definitely doesn't fly after this update. See here for my blogging about the original story.

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