November 21, 2013

So, is Andrew Sullivan now peddling "Bell Curve Lite"?

Ohh, I love Photoshop at times.
Sully, who once devoted an entire issue of The New Republic to touting the virtues of "The Bell Curve," now says that we're at an economic inequality tipping point.

After all, Curve co-author Charles Murray has come out with post-Bell books arguing that the white underclass, following those blankety-blank blacks, is largely bringing its own doom upon itself. So what happened to get Sully to lighten up a small bit?

Talking about suicide of the elites because Ted Cruz went to Harvard? There have been both nutbars and nonentities in national presidential life who graduated from Harvard in the past. A reasonable argument could be made that Jack Kennedy was one of the nonentities.

Wingnuts, or semi-so, or else just rich predatory bastards? Harrison Schmitt, John Sununu, Mitt Romney, Pete Du Pont, Alan Keyes, Grover Norquist, Bill O'Reilly and Lou Dobbs come easily to mind, or easily to Wikipedia.

So does Ted Kaczynski. Jeffrey Skilling. Amy Bishop.

See, Sully's ultimately still peddling elitism with a dollop of noblesse oblige. Just as I've said in the past about how Gnu Atheism is no guarantor of superior morality or superior critical thinking skills, neither is a Harvard education.

And, it's things claiming it does like that that perpetuate class inequality in America in the first place.

It's Andrew Sullivan. Don't be fooled again.

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