November 20, 2013

Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler? Wow!

Yep, that's the blockbuster deal, per ESPN. First baseman Prince Fielder leaves the Detroit Tigers, along with $30M in "cash considerations." Back comes Ian Kinsler, from the Texas Rangers. (I had who was paying who right, first, then thought I didn't have it right and changed it, based on one story I read, and now it's right again.)

As for top-grade analysis, Jonah Keri and Peter Gammons both are right on top of this. They both lay out the general big-picture items that I note below, so let's jump in!

Several quick questions, first for the Tigers.

Is Miggy Cabrera now going to first? MLBTradeRumors says his offseason surgery was making the Tigers think it was time. If so, is Jhonny Peralta staying in Motown and playing third? Or signed for short with Jose Iglesias moved to third? And, I assume Omar Infante is gone, not to be re-signed? Or would the Tiges try HIM at third or short?? Or moving prospect Nick Castellanos, who started as a 3B but was converted to OF, back to his original position.

And, for the Rangers? Is Jurickson Profar back off the trade market now, and the Rangers' new regular second-sacker? And is Elvis Andrus then safe at short? Mitch Moreland will likely DH, though he could get some OF time, Rangers GM Jon Daniels says.

And, then, for the Cardinals, if that's the case, how does this impact their plans on upgrading at shortstop from Pete Kozma? Especially if the Profar, Andrus and Peralta elements are all true? Because then, a Stephen Drew just got more pricey. Or can the Cards see if Infante can play short again? That said, if the Tigers decide Castellanos is the 3B answer, they'll likely pass on both Peralta and Infante.

That is, if the Rangers are done here. David Schoefield says Daniels and new CEO Ray Davis may have even brassier balls, and be looking at Robinson Cano. In such a scenario he suggests a trade with the Cardinals for ... Oscar Taveras. I consider that doubtful, to be honest, as I don't see them wanting two mega-contracts both running through the end of the decade, but that would be a second bold move.

For the two teams involved, if neither of the Rangers' middle infielders gets moved, I do see it as a win-win. Definite power upgrade for Rangers, which could affect re-signing Nelson Cruz or not, and chasing Shin-Soo Choo, or not, or Carlos Beltran, even, especially based on plans for Moreland. And is Brian McCann still a target?

For the Tigers? If they shift the pieces as I project, including re-signing Peralta, it's a definite defensive upgrade. And, if Peralta's not too pricey, might free room for them to keep Max Scherzer.

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