November 22, 2013

Is the Green Party of Texas dead?

It's more than a rhetorical question, to be honest.

First, there's been no updates to the Texas Green Party of Texas's website, as far as news stores being posted, etc., since the start of August. That's nearly four months now.

Second, when I wrote to the contact email address to inquire about what was up with that and to inquire, since we're officially in the start of election season, if the party knew about any Green candidates who had filed for office yet?

My email bounced.

Now, I'm not registered as a Green, but I've voted Green in the last three presidential elections, and there was even a Green Congresscritter candidate in Odessa in 2010. I have promoted voting Green, and not just as a protest vote.

This ain't good, being dead in the e-water. Not good at all.

Anybody who has closer connections with official Texas Greendom than me, feel free to weigh in with any information.

Update: I have gotten an email back, from Kat Swift, co-chair of the state's executive committee. Don't know why my original bounced. The party doesn't announce filings until Dec. 9, when the filing window closes. I understand why, because you can have withdrawals. On the other hand, reporting filings as they happen juices up the party's presence in the news cycle.

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