November 23, 2013

4 out of 5 users may actually use #Obamacare! By Nov. 30!

If you're nearly my age, or older, you probably remember the old TV jingle about how "Four out of five dentists ... recommend Trident."

Well, according to the Washington Post, it looks like an earlier blog post of mine saying I didn't expect Team Obama to have the federal exchange website for Obamacare ready by Nov. 30 may just be at least partially true:
The Obama administration has set a Nov. 30 deadline — next Saturday — by which officials have promised that will work smoothly for about four out of five consumers who attempt to use it to sign up for health plans. Even now, the official familiar with the project said, CGI’s work on the repairs is not always going well; roughly one-third to half the new computer code the company is writing cannot be used because it is revealing flaws when it is fully examined by a group of outside testers, including some insurance companies.
That said, since it sounds like even the latest promise from Dear Leader is likely to not be ... er, fully operative, to riff back to Richard Nixon days?

Meanwhile, having perhaps learned a lesson, I assume Team Obama's already working on its post-Nov. 30 "spin" plans. And, Obamiacs, especially the ones who have blamed right-wing DDoS attacks, or a CGI Federal who has contributed politically to both parties for allegedly deliberately tanking, are you working on your "spin" too?

Instead, why don't you ask the wunderkind to hold up a mirror to himself, because that's where a lot of the problems started.

Actually, there will be a Plan C.

Assuming that the promises above are indeed too optimistic? First, Obama is considering letting people sign up for Obamacare directly via insurance companies. I think that's a fairly strong indication that will NOT be fixed by Nov. 30. And, I believe he'll follow through on that, which in turn will actually cause even more havoc.

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