May 16, 2013

Steven Miller is just the latest Obama cave-in; Shirley Sherrod? ACORN?

Can we really expect any better?

Remember how our constitutional law scholar president caved on Congress passing an unconstitutional bill of attainder specificially aimed at ACORN, after one of Breitbart's pranks against it? Remember how he signed it into law?

Yes, the district court's ruling was overturned on appeal. I'm not sure what happened when it went back to district court.

I do know the Obama Administration was so craven as to appeal the original district court ruling.

Remember how he acquiesced in his Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, firing employee Shirley Sherrod, after Breitbart doctored video of comments she had made? (Of course, even the NAACP got fooled on that one.)

And now, under more conservative pressure, he's fired acting IRS commissioner Steve Miller, even though the IRS probe of 501(c)4 groups targeted liberal as well as conservative organizations.

That said, by this time, most of us have known better about these non-scandals.

But, Obama still won't fight fire with fire.

Why real liberals would believe that he will act any different on either of the current non-scandals, this or Benghazi, is beyond me.

And, on the one real scandal, snooping on the AP, we know how the Snoop-in-Chief will respond.

Meanwhile, the "caving" expands to the EPA.

And Obama says he's now going to, maybe, possibly, "go Bullworth." Yeah, right. And Harry Reid's going to end the filibuster in the Senate.

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