May 15, 2013

Could a golf major come to Dallas?

First, it's interesting that the long-proposed idea of a championship-level golf course near Loop 12 and I-45 may finally come to fruition. Could help broader development issues in the area.

It's even more interesting that the Byron Nelson could move there from Los Colinas, starting in 2019. Will there be a bidding war?

More interesting yet is that AT&T is touting the idea of the course hosting a major championship at some point. Well, The Masters ain't leaving Augusta, Ga., and The Open will stay across the pond.

So, that leaves the U.S. Open, in June, or the PGA, in August.

Yeah, I know both have been played as far south as Southern Hills, in Tulsa, but, I'm kind of thinking the PGA and USGA ain't really looking fondly at the idea of golf in the potential summer sweatbox of Dallas.

Usually, the humidity has cut down in August; there, you're just facing the potential of an ongoing heat wave. So, the PGA is a bit more likely.

The U.S. Open? If the spring rainy season carries into early June, then gets followed by a heat wave right near solstice time, I'm sure golfers don't really want that.

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