May 17, 2013

#DailyKos smokes Texas redistricting crap

Glad I got booted, or technically, my account got suspended, from the Daily Kos homepage years ago for being too liberal and too green. (It happens, folks; look for "Armando" on this blog and you'll find out the straw that broke the camel's back.)

Because, if I still had a usable account (and why not be straightforward and boot people rather than, like Team Obama, indefinitely suspending them), I'd go a mix of laughable and ballistic over a Texas Kossack posting shite like this.

The "shite like this" in question being a claim that Texas could have a 20-16 Democratic majority in Congress with just the right redistricting map.

As long as Daily Kos-type Texas Dems keep smoking crack, dropping acid tabs or whatever, we'll get nonsense like this. Yeah, Teh Texas Lege is going to pass redistricting that comes anywhere near close to producing a Dem majority for US Congress. 

There's more chance of Gohmert Pyle (Louie Gohmert) coming out of the closet as gay than there is of the Lege passing such a map.

Of course, the blogger says he's writing on the premise of Texas Dems having controlled the Lege for redistricting. Odds of that?

See "Pyle, Gohmert," above.

Second, the blogger in question overrates the chances of most those districts going Democratic.

Third, per this point in the post:
Incumbent preferences were mostly disregarded. If someone must insist on a >70% Obama district, well he or she doesn't have to be in Congress.
The blogger doesn't understand redistricting in general. SCOTUS has said incumbent protection is a legitimate angle in redistricting, and a House Dem in a 70 percent district would no way in hell go down to a 55 percent Democratic district on the non-guaranteed possibility of increasing Texas' House Democrats by 1, or 2. And, they would laugh their heads off at this Kossack saying that Texas could flip eight seats from the current standard.

The fact that Democrats haven't won a statewide election in 20 years now should be enough coffee-sniffing for even a numbnuts like this Kossack, but I guess not.

And, now, we have another nutbar in Kossackland.

To introduce this one: Thomas B. Edsall says that even getting Hispanic vote and registration rates up to national averages, with a presumed break of 71 percent Democrat, still leaves the Democrats and folks like Battleground Texas looking way up, way way up.

But a nutbar at Daily Kos claims Edsall says that Battleground Texas has Greg Abbott quaking. Other than Abbott's over-the-top comment that Edsall quoted, he said no such thing.
Of course, when the guy who founded you thinks there's a Fistful of Secret Libruls in the CIA, I supposed the hangers-on come by such fantasy thinking easily.

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PDiddie, aka Perry Hussein Dorrell said...

Nailed it.

I wonder who the poor dweeb is whose life is such that he/she has to spend time on pathetic fantasies like that.