May 16, 2013

Did #WestTX paramedic cause fertilizer explosion?

Bryce Reed/photo via
Austin American-Statesman
Federal and local officials say that Bryce Reed, a West, Texas paramedic arrested for possession of an explosive device, has not been connected to the West Fertilizer Co. blast.

But, could he be?


A number of wildfires in Western states, in the past, have been started by firefighters who were either:
1. Bored;
2. Hero-headline hunting;
3. Wanting more money with the extra work.

The humongous Rodeo-Chediski wildfire in 2002 in Arizona falls under that third category.

Urban firefighters have started the occasional blaze, too.

Yes, his friend got killed in the blast. That doesn't mean Bryce intended that.

That said, I'm not saying that he is involved. I am saying that he could be.

Update, May 16: Officials have tentatively narrowed causes of the blast down to three: A golf cart (WTF?), electrical, and ... an intentional blast.

Despite officials warning about speculation, it's fair game now.

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