March 16, 2013

From the same neolib that gave #Obamacare to #BigPharma

Now comes an even bigger giveaway: the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Doctors Without Borders explains just what's wrong with this baby.
The TPP negotiations, which currently involve eleven Asia-Pacific countries, are being conducted in secret, but leaked texts reveal the most aggressive intellectual property (IP) measures ever suggested in a trade deal with developing countries. The U.S. proposals threaten to roll back internationally-agreed public health safeguards and would put in place far-reaching monopoly protections that keep medicine prices high and out of the reach of millions in the Asia-Pacific region.
Gee, are you surprised?  Somewhere, somebody is again popping out the IOKIYAO line, but it's not OK.

How bad?

Bad enough that it sounds like Monsanto is writing some of this.
One proposed TPP provision would require governments to grant new 20-year patents for modifications of existing medicines, such as a new forms, uses or methods, even without improvement of therapeutic efficacy for patients. ...

Meanwhile, provisions in the proposed investment chapter would give pharmaceutical companies the right to sue governments for instituting any regulation that reduces their expected profits, using private tribunals that circumvent a country’s judicial process. U.S. pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is using similar provisions in NAFTA to demand $100 million from the Canadian government for invalidating one of its patents.
That bad.

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