March 14, 2013

More Obama and the soft bigotry of low expectations

I've said more than once that one of Shrub Bush's most notorious phrases actualy fits Obam (and Obamiacs) quite well.

The latest proof?

Dear Leader's claim that "I'm no Dick Cheney" on drone warfare. Well, the actual direct quote was, "This is not Dick Cheney we're talking about here."

Well, Maximum Leader, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad could say "I'm no Adolf Hitler" on anti-Semitism, too, couldn't he?

That said, Dear Leader made his statement to a group of Democratic senators.

And when Jay Rockefeller — someone who exemplifies Teddy Roosevelt's "backbone of a chocolate eclair" — is the one to start expressing concerns, Obama's claim is weak tea indeed.

Of course, that's just part of this bigger issue:
While Obama defended his handling of the issue, he told his former Senate colleagues he understood their concerns about being left out of the loop on such sensitive decisions, senators said. The president noted that he would have “probably objected” over the White House’s handling of this issue if he were still a senator, they said. But, according to the sources, he noted his viewpoint changed now that he occupies the Oval Office — not a room in a Senate office building.
And, many Obamiacs still say, IOKIYAO.

And, that's part of the problem.

No it's not, first of all. Party affiliation does nothing to justify an imperial presidency. The back-to-back "reigns" of LBJ and Tricky Dick showed that 40 years ago.

Second, even if Rand Paul was grandstanding with his filibuster (and dumb enough, or venal enough) to accept AG Eric Holder's non-answer "answer," that doesn't excuse Obamiacs from playing CYA on Holder's fanny, let alone Obama's.

But, back to the main point.

Obama did do wel by raising EPA fuel standards. Arguably, though, that was for "energy independence" reasons more than environmental ones.

Other than that, his administration has generally been a string of sellouts, including recently, and that's exemplified but not limited to Keystone XL.

I'll say nothing too much about his love for the banksters beyond his ire at Frontline's report over his administration refusing to prosecute.

And, we all have heard about the sequester; between his Catfood Commission and other things, it's at least arguable Obama halfway likes the sequester as well as halfway causing it.

"Is we learning yet?" Jay Rockefeller finally started.

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