February 04, 2013

Henry the Eighth I ain't but Richard the Third I am, I am!

Richard III, rest in peace/New York Times
Research seems to have nailed down that a skeleton buried under what was the Greyfriars Priory in London is indeed the physical remains of the blackest villain of Shakespeare, Richard III.

I do hope, per some of the scholars who commented in the story, that this leads to a rehabilitation of Richard's character. He was no saint, but nowhere near the ogre the Bard made him out to be, in what is a great play, but also an overblown ode of propaganda to the Tudor monarchy.

That said, per the header of this post, somebody HAS TO remake the old Herman's Hermits song, "I'm Henry the Eighth I Am":
I'm Henry the eighth I am
Henry the eighth I am, I am
I got married to the widow next door
She's been married seven times before
And every one was an Henry (Henry)
She wouldn't have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
I'm her eighth old man,
I'm HenryHenry the eighth I am
You know, a Weird Al Yankovic or Bob Rivers doing "I'm Richard the Third, I Am."
I'm Richard the third, I am
Richard the third I am, I am
I'm an uncle to the kids next door
Their daddy was a king but not no more
So I put them in a Tower with gifts galore.
Too young to rule, I took their place
Stuffed them away in an evil place.
I'm Richard the third, I am, I am
But Henry rose up and wham and bam.
And there you have it.

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