February 03, 2013

Some Ray Lewis jokes you'll get a bang from!

Ahh, Ray Lewis, the plea-bargaining, likely murder-accomplicing, paying fines to families in spite of his "innocence," convenient god-finding middle linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens, is retiring from the NFL a two-time Super Bowl winner.

And, making me barf with spreading the god schtick thick on the interview stand.

So, Ray, .... firing back ... !

Ray Lewis, your Baltimore Ravens have won the Super Bowl. Are you going to Disney World? No, I'm going to shoot up the town?

Ray Lewis, are you glad to have gone out with a bang?

 Ray, was that a killer of a finish for your game and career?

Jared Diamond wrote "Guns, Germs, and Steel." Ray Lewis' new bio will be "Guns, God and Shots."

Did you hear about the new State Farm commercial? "Your Glock is in good hands with Ray Lewis."

And, I guess we should be glad that his mouth is the only thing Ray Lewis is shooting off, eh? (That said, we're well past worrying about him shooting himself in the foot?)


More seriously, Mr. Ray Lewis, was your alleged god "good" a decade ago when two friends of yours, in all likelihood, killed two people and you later obstructed justice to such an extent that nobody was ever convicted? You're a hypocrite, but you're not alone. You're just a more extreme version of others, and not just athletes, who have selective perception about the alleged goodness, and alleged interventions into life, of your alleged deity.

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