February 05, 2013

Dear Leader wants to kill more Merikuns

The leak of an Obama Administration white paper that alleges to find legal justification for an even more expansive list of reasons to kill American citizens who allegedly have some connection with al Qaeda or other terrorist groups is simply appalling.

It's clearer and clearer our "constitutional law scholar president" is using that legal skill to fold, spindle and mutilate the Constitution.

Business Insider lists seven specific reasons for concern.

That's not to say Mitt Romney would have different views.

It is to say this is another reason for liberals to stop voting Democrat, and people in general to start voting outside the two-party box.

As for any political ramifications? The GOP will use it to try to bash Obama during the confirmation hearings for John Brennan to run the CIA, but, moral ramifications? They largely agree with Obama.

That said, theoretically, Democrats once had the high ground on such issues. But, theoretically and "in reality" are two different issues.

Don't forget that LBJ started COINTELPRO, for example. Don't forget that Clinton greatly expanded the use of quasi-mercenary "contractors" for military auxiliary services.

Also, don't forget how "death" the Obama Administration has been on leakers. Somebody had probably better be hunkering down right now.

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