January 17, 2013

#Nullification: will Obama become Andy Jackson or not?

Since this is being coordinated by the Tenth Amendment Center, I'm sure the Texas Legislature is not alone in considering legislation that would officially nullify any federal action that allegedly violates the Second Amendment. Of course, the NRA is ultimately behind this, which means just about anything could be considered a violation.

But, we've been partially down this road before with Obamacare, on nullification threats, and the Compromiser-in-Chief kept his mouth shut then. Now, there is such a thing as keeping one's powder dry, so to speak.

But, do we really have any indication that if push came to shove, he'd do anything? Notta lotta.

Meanwhile, for both state-level and federal-level Texas officials, if you want to worry about Obama Administration actions inside Texas, I suggest:

1. The Obama EPA shutting down an investigation of fracking contamination in Weatherford, and ...
2. The likely approval of Keystone XL this portends, along with the property rights violations, the petrochemical problems sure to increase in Houston, etc.

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