January 16, 2013

Joey Dauben, felon (updated)

I was wondering why my last previous post about Ellis County (south exurban Dallas) newspaper reporter Joey Dauben was getting more hits.

And, I now see it's because he's been convicted. And on the lesser of two cases.

The more serious one? Charges of sexual assault of a minor. He goes on trial for that early next year.

And (updated Jan. 16, 2013) a Corsicana jury has given him plenty of reasons to wipe the smug look off of his face.

Either 10 years, or 30 years, worth of reasons, depending on whether a judge says his sentences should be consecutive or concurrent.

Per the three links above, Dauben is an exotic mashup of Walter Mitty with dreams of being William Randolph Hearts and possible repressed homophobe (The alleged victim in the sexual assault case is male but in his teens, so there is the issue of sexuality in play, as I've noted here, wondering why a writer at Dallas' LGBT mag, the Voice, has such an interest in Dauben's case.)

Dauben was also extensively profiled for some strange reason by the Dallas Observer (my blog take on that here.)

The man, or man-child, is incorrigible. He violated terms of his pre-trial release on bond. He acts like this is all some big libertarian "game."

Well, Joey, and any of your friends like "sunflower" who see this? It's not a game.

But, I don't expect you to admit that. In part, I think the Walter Mitty is grasping at a dream you'd like to be true. In part, I think it's hiding from a past you'd like to not be true. Indeed, I wonder where your crusading against child abuse (or, wrongly identified non-abusers, in this case) comes from.

That said, per the Corsicana charges, one could laugh at Dauben being hoisted by his own petard, too:
“At the end of the day, Joey Dauben raped a 14 year old boy,” said Navarro County District Attorney R. Lowell Thompson. “He complained about Ellis County being soft on sex offenders. He found out that in Navarro County, we aren’t.”
But, of course, it's not a laughing matter. Certainly the sexual assault isn't, and ultimately, and sadly, neither is the character of Joey Dauben.

And, sadly, I don't expect you to admit you're gay, either. (And, no, if both my suspicions are correct, I don't believe child abuse makes you gay.) Speaking of this, Dallas Voice contributor David Webb hasn't written anything about Dauben since last April. What gives?

Update, March 16, 2013: I had a new light bulb pop on tonight. Joey Dauben reminds me of a slightly less mature James O'Keefe of Breitbart fame, detailed here in all his sordidness.

Update 2, July 19, 2017: How did Dauben know that a mayor of tiny little Henderson County burg Seven Points, way away from Ellis County, was gay unless Dauben has a gay grapevine or good gay gaydar?

And, why did you feel compelled to say "I'm not gay"?

Joey, you're in prison because of repression and denial, IMO.

I don't know if he and John Margentis were gay lovers or not, as a spite-laden blog claims, per the Dallas Observer. To be honest, I'm likely to say no; if they were, why would Joey have committed not "just" statutory rape, but same-sex statutory rape?


Curtis Butler said...

Convicted of the Navarro County charges as well.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see this alleged rape? Where is the proof? I doubt the accuser had time to whip out a camera and record his own rape. Is it just testimony from the accuser? Anyone can cry rape and Joey Dauben would be the perfect victim for this type of accusation. He became a bit paranoid, although a lot of it was justifiable. He ranted but it was about perceived injustice so his heart was in the right place. The only difference between him and other people who have been characterized like he has is that he never shut up. He spiraled out of control. Ok, that is a given, but how do you 'rape' a fourteen year old boy? Did they say Joey attacked him? Held him in his car or house? Tied him down? Did Joey take him to a remote location? Attempt to rip his clothes off? Was Joey bigger than the boy? LoL. Sorry, that sounded funny seeing as he was so small. Being a real victim of attempted rape and rape I know that unless he threatenened him with a weapon and held him against his will it should not be construed as rape. It was consentual, especially if the boy was gay. Underage sex, maybe, but rape? Joey pointed out a lot of bad things happening in Ellis county. He was a jerk at times and his mouth could scare people. He was also hot. Girls liked him. He was influental and that made people jealous. He was not gay. All those old sociopaths around here want him to suffer when all he really needs is medication. They could probably stand a little lithium themselves. He seems like he is a little manic and bipolar. How cruel and inhumane is it to seal him away when medication might help him? Spending the rest of his life in prison is going to make him worse. He needs medication. At least, stop characterizing him. You can't look like a pedophile if they are described as one. Short? Must be a pedophile doesn't cut it. Besides, Joey didn't look at all like a pedophile. He charmed women young and old and inbetween. I'm sure the 'boy' was intrigued with Joey or he would not have gone with him. It just all sounds a whole lot like a setup. Did Joey hurt the boy? Were there visible bruises, cuts, or broken bones? I'm guessing there weren't.

Gadfly said...


1. Let me first address the stupidest thing first.

So, there's some particular look that pedophiles have? Really? And, you know what that is?

That said, assuming he is, Joey doesn't "look gay," right?

2. And, next, let me address the second stupidest thing.

You're alleging certain people in Ellis County committed a criminal conspiracy to trap and frame Joey Dauben.

Speaking of "charming" people, it sounds like Dauben has certainly done that to you.

3. Related to that, that is, legal issues, you obviously are ignorant of the legal definition of statutory rape.

Given all the above, the rest of your comment isn't worth a response.

And, this is the best reason yet for me to stop allowing anonymous comments. That said, your follow-up won't be allowed unless you identify yourself.

4. That said, for someone who claims to be a rape victim, you have a huge lack of sensitivity.