January 18, 2013

Aggie Cons #gunnuts hates them some Danny Glover on #2ndAmdt

From a work email from the Aggie Conservatives:

Danny Glover referenced the slaveowner angle on the "insurrectionist interpretation" of the Second Amendment. Glover claimed that the right to bear arms was created to oppress slaves and Native Americans at Texas A&M’s annual Martin Luther King breakfast this past Thursday morning.

Here's the Texas Aggie Conservative response:
It's outrageous. It should be a time for real reflection and respect. Instead, the university pushes a political agenda. The university doesn't want its donors to know all this.  Donors need to hold the university accountable and withhold contributions.
That's from TAC Chairman Eric Schroeder.
Sorry, Eric and other wingnut gun nuts, but ... Glover's exactly right!

Carl Bogus (who wrote an excellent, critical-in-the-historian sense bio of Bill Buckley) has made an excellent academic case for this reading, with James Madison himself, among others, pushing the Second Amendment for this reason.

Of course, any place that has Rick Perry among its top conservative grads has but a loose connection with the truth, right?

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